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From Residential to Commercial and everything in between, we have delivered projects for all kinds of constructions and requirements. Some of the biggest Hotel brands and most prominent personalities have benefited from our expertise in designing and architecture. Here are some of the core markets we serve.


Improvement in the living standards has led to a rapid increase in the number of people moving across places leading to rising global urban population.

Fabdesigns has worked on multiple residential projects ranging from homes, apartments and, farmhouses. We work keeping in mind changing demographics, cultures, needs and deliver results that are designed keeping all these factors in check.


The hospitality sector is one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world. They have to be made keeping in mind the expectations of the international traveller but also cater to domestic needs.

Fabdesigns brings an integrated methodology to their projects wherein we focus on optimizing usage of space and resources and provide our results in a minimum time


Designing and architecting of an office is a challenging endeavor as it requires facilities for various productive scenarios and technological specifications. As the future offices serve multifunction teams in flat organizations and Internet of Things takes over the world, this task will become even more complex.

The interior designers and architects at Fabdesigns deliver offices that take the maximum value of their commercial spaces through proper planning, design conceptualization, and technological enablement.


Fabdesigns delivers enterprise architecture and interior designing services that boost your organization’s performance by upfront planning, design standardization, climate adaptability, technology deployment and cost/time savings.
Our services empower clients to rethink their long-term results by delivering projects which provide above-expected returns and enhance productivity


Interior designing and architecture of institutes are unique in its own way and requirements. They aim to create an ambiance that suits their own service. One needs to customize as per their needs and budgetary limitations. Fabdesigns has all the requisite tools and ability to deliver these projects as per their intended utility and serve their function in the community.



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